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Lab Homogenize KT15-D

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Lab Disperser & Homogenizer
- Hand-held type
- Applications ranges from dispersing and homogenizing a small amount of sample
- It offers a wide speed range from 8,000~30,000 rpm
- According to the type of dispersing element, dispersing instrument for volumes of 0.5ml~500ml (H2O) 




 Ident. No.


 Motor Capacity

 160 W

 Speed range

 8,000~30.000 rpm

 Speed adjustment


 Volume range(H2O)

 0.5~500 ml

 Max. Viscosity

 5.000 mPas

 Noise without dispersing element

 below 70 dB

 Overload protection


 Smooth run-on/start


 Dimension[W x D x H]

 50 x 80 x 260 mm


 1 kg


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Lab Homogenize KT15D